Merry Meet and welcome home to Spiral Musings, a blog that honors and celebrates the Goddess and the God in Wiccan, Druid, and other Pagan paths.Spiral Musings is a place to contemplate the Wheel of the Year, the Moon in all of her glorious phases, and the sanctity of the earth herself: anything that is life-affirming is sacred. Here, we can explore the power of the Elements — Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Spirit–in our magick, limited only by the imagination. And, of course, you’ll see my unabashed love of books coming out in Spiral Musings: fiction, non-fiction, the classics, contemporary works–the Goddess and the God appear in many literary guises.

I invite you to join me in this journey of contemplation and celebration. Grab a cup of tea (or whatever your favorite beverage happens to be), reserve a spot in your favorite comfy chair–perhaps nestled with a furry friend (or two, or three, as is the case at my house), and enjoy. Welcome home, and Blessed Be!

Me at home

This is a picture of me, at home

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