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No to the Bathroom Bill: An Open Letter to Texas Gov. Abbott

No Bathroom Bill: An Open Letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott

The “Bathroom Bill,” SB 6, is a misguided piece of legislation that’s currently being debated. Here is my letter to the Texas governor about this hateful bill.


Governor Greg Abbott

P.O. Box 12428

Austin, TX 78711-2428

(512) 463-2000

Dear Governor Abbott:

The motto of the state of Texas, as you well know, is the Friendship State. While Texas is known for many things that further this motto, such as its bluebonnets, its barbecue, its sunsets, and its music–home, after all, to such musical greats as Scott Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Beyoncé Knowles, Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Buddy Holly, and ZZ Top, among many others. Eleven years ago, Texas Monthly published an article, “75 Things We Love about Texas,” that highlights these and other accomplishments. In many ways, Texas should be proud.

Of course, there is always room for improvement in education, in health, and in other social matters. Again, we are–or are supposed to be–the “Friendship State,” not the “Bathroom State.”

Unfortunately, SB 6, the so-called “Bathroom Bill”, will not pave the way towards these improvements. SB 6, as well as other bills — HB 46, HB 50, and SB 23–unfairly target and discriminate against trans-gendered people. Worse, they are technically unnecessary, as Texas already has laws on the books that prohibit sexual assault, the main argument that you and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick are making: Texas Penal Code – PENAL § 22.011. Sexual Assault certainly comes to mind here.

These bills are based on fear, ignorance, and hate: not at all in keeping with our motto “The Friendship State.”  As a state, we are better than this. We must be better than this.

It’s past time to flush away this hateful bill.

Thank you for your time,

Lisa Wall

Bathroom Bill

Close the door on the Bathroom Bill

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