About Me: Let’s Get Acquainted!

About Me

Merry Meet! A few things about me: In addition to being the owner of Lune Soleil Enterprises and Sol Luna Enterprises, I  am a Second Degree Wiccan (working  on Third Degree status),  a Druid (currently at the Ovate level), as well as Strega. In other words, I am about as eclectic a solitary Pagan as they come.  I am also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Monastery, as well as a Reiki Master. Other titles that have been bestowed on me include “the Crazy Beagle Lady” and “the weirdest person in the room”–both are badges I wear proudly.

One thing that will become obvious about me is that I am an unabashed bookworm, with a passionate love affair with literature. You will find this love coming out not only in this blog but in my other blog as well, Sacred Gaze.

About Me

Merry Meet!

I believe in the polarity of Divinity: of the Lord and of the Lady, and that the Goddess and God complement, not compete with, one another.  I believe that Divinity is omnipresent: not separate from the earth, but part of it. Divinity is part of each animal, plant, stone, star, and ourselves. The Divine is around and about us all.

I believe that the earth is a classroom and that each person has the responsibility to learn one’s own life lessons while, through compassion, helping others honor their own paths. In addition, I do believe in reincarnation: if one’s life lessons are not learned in one lifetime, then another lifetime is necessary for the soul to learn and review the lesson I also believe that all positive spiritual paths lead to the Divine. What makes a spiritual path positive? The spiritual seeker is motivated by love and compassion, as well as a quest for continued learning.  I hope to bring all of this here, to this blog.