Positive Path: What on Earth and in the Stars Make it “Positive”?

What Is a Positive Path?

Inquiries into a Positive Path: Occasionally someone will see my pentacle or other magickal jewelry, or perhaps note my Pagan status from a Facebook post, and express curiosity about my beliefs, such as a belief in God. I’ve even been asked if I’m on a positive path — couched in the phrase of “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”

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I usually give a concise answer: that Wiccans and other Pagans believe in God and Goddess, that we embrace a nature-based religion, and that it holds life as sacred. I also mentioned believing that all positive paths ultimately lead to the same place: the Divine.

A Positive Path: Some Intriguing Philosophical Questions

This last part got me to thinking: what makes a path “positive”? What quality do these positive paths have in common? Is it the presence of a moral code, and how explicit does this moral code have to be?

For Christians, this code consists of the Ten Commandments, a list of what not to do. Jewish observers follow a comprehensive, holistic code, Midrash Halakha.  For Buddhists, the Five Precepts comprise a moral compass. And Baha’i observers have their own extensive moral code.

Awen and Nature

Wiccans, of course, honor the Wiccan Rede (keeping in mind that the Rede offers advice rather than a mental straitjacket), and other Pagan observers have other moral codes; Asatru follow the Nine Noble Virtues, for instance. These are but only a few examples of religious moral codes of various positive paths: many of them discourage certain actions, and some of them exhort proactive thoughts and deeds.

What is the common denominator? I believe that what makes a spiritual path positive is love: the power to send out love as well as the power to receive love unconditionally. This includes loving oneself as well as family, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and the earth. Love is the driving force.

That is why all positive paths lead to the same goal. If a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jew, a Zoroastrian, a Sikh, and a Pagan are all praying for peace, these prayers are all going to the Divine–whatever each person’s concept of the Divine: an important lesson to remember, especially in these turbulent times. Blessed Be, by star and stone.

The Divine and the Positive Path

The Divine and the Positive Path

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