Fond, Bittersweet Memories of my Best Friend: Rest in Peace

Memories of My Best Friend Sara

A friend is forever: this I believe in every fiber of my being. This bond of friendship can last forever, even surpassing death.

I remember meeting Sara when we were both in grade school. Her family lived next door to mine; their cat, Kangaroo, came over to visit in my front yard. As I was petting Kangaroo, Sara came over indignantly and proclaimed Kangaroo as hers. After a brief argument ensued, one in which we were debating who owns a cat (the answer, it turns out, is “no one” –no surprise to a true cat aficionado) and whether strangers had the right to pet a visiting cat, we became fast friends.

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Sara, an Arian, and I, an Aquarian, were all but inseparable: her fiery enthusiasm for life and my contemplative approach to living complemented one another beautifully. as best friends, we confided in one another: our hopes, fears, and opinions  revolving around math, the well-being of our various cats and dogs,  the exasperating nature of various siblings, and, later, the enigma of boys. This continued during elementary, junior high, and high school—until I moved away during my sophomore year. That was the year that we—indeed, our daily lives— began to drift apart. For awhile, I lost my best friend.

My biggest regret is not staying more closely in touch with my friend over the years. Yes, life happens–and did happen, for both of us. We both had our share of heartache, but also joy, in our personal and professional lives. Yet when we would occasionally see each other, it was as if the years melted away, as if we were still living next door to one another: our friendship seemed to pick up where it had been left off.

best friend

Pinky Swear and the Best Friend

These memories came flooding back on December 6, 2012–the day that Sara was taken off life support, courtesy of a brain aneurysm–and afterwards, during the grief process.

These memories are bittersweet at best; however, time is beginning to soften the pain, years later.  One comforting thought is that Sara did find spiritual peace in the months before she died: she found a relationship with the Divine that made her happier, more fulfilled. Whatever her life lesson happened to be, perhaps she found the answer to it. Blessed Be, by star and stone.

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