Prayer for Victims of Despair: Love and Light to You All in These Troubling Times

Prayer: An Offering for Victims of Despair and Dimmed Hope

Around this time of year, I notice that my own mood tends to plummet as I delve further into hibernation mode. This tendency is pronounced this year, more than ever, as we experience the demoralizing roller coaster ride that is our current presidency of the United States.  With that spirit in mind, I offer this humble prayer: may it give hope to all during these difficult times.

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Prayer for Victims of Despair

O Blessed Lady, O Blessed Lord,

Please be with those who are in the depths of despair, especially loved ones left behind by those who have passed into the Summerland, as well as those who are experiencing depression or who are contemplating suicide. Hold them in your arms: comfort them with your presence.

As the dark, cold winter is but a temporary stage, may the despair be just as fleeting. May love and light shine upon All. Blessed be, by star and stone.

Flying Dove, Symbol of Prayer

Flying Dove, Symbol of Prayer

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