Waning Moon: Getting Rid of the Negative Stuff in Life

The Waning Moon: A Time for Banishing and Releasing

The waning moon occurs right after a full moon and lasts until just before the new moon makes an appearance. Symbolized by the Goddess as Crone, the energy of the waning moon is steadily decreasing; thus, any magickal efforts you put forth during this time should concentrate on removing or banishing things in your life.

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Do you want to cast a spell to banish emotional overeating or to reduce debt? Do you wish to end an addiction or bad habit? Do you wish to break off a toxic relationship? Do you wish to banish an illness? The waning moon is the perfect time to do so.

More specifically, the waning moon is divided into two phases: waning gibbous and waning crescent; each phase lasts about a week. According to The White Goddess, a waning gibboous moon is the “Moon of Retribution” and “brings a conscious process of creative release,”  while a waning crescent is the “Moon of Harvest” and is a time for introspection and “readying oneself for the energies of the New Moon.”

Whatever you need or want to banish and release in your life, you should call upon the aid of the waning moon to make it happen. Blessed Be, by star and stone.

waning moon

Waning Moon

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