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The God as Greenman: Verdant, Fertile Deity

The Greenman: An Overview

The Greenman is one of many archetypal aspects of the God: the paired twin of the Horned God. Whereas the Horned God represents animalian sexuality, the Greenman is a god of vegetation, representing the lushness of the warmer seasons as well as the promise of rebirth.

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The Greenman: A Closer Look

The Greenman’s face, the one part of the body usually seen, and often depicted in sculpture and similar artwork, is surrounded by or, more often, consists of green leaves, often oak. Branches or vines may protrude from the Green Man’s mouth. The Greenman goes by other names as well: according to Alan G. Hefner’s article “Green Man” in Encyclopedia Mythica, the Greenman’s aliases include Green George, Green Jack, and Jack in the Green . Specific gods who embody the Green Man aspect include Dionysus,Viridios/Viridius, and Osiris. The Greenman appears in folklore and literature as Puck, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, as well as Treebeard and, most likely, Tom Bombadil.

May your relationship with the Greenman be a lush, meaningful one. Blessed Be, by star and stone.

Dionysus, one aspect of the Greenman

Dionysus, one aspect of the Greenman

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